1.   No. of Class Room. : 8
2.   Staff Room : 1
3.   Library Room : 1
4.   Examination Room : 1
5.   Music Room : 1
6.   Principal Chamber : 1
7.   Office Room : 1
8.   Games Room : 1
      Total 15
1.   Indoor Games 1. Caram Board.
      2. Chess
2.   Outdoor Games 1. Cricket Kit
      2. Football
      3. Volley Ball
      4. Skipping Rop
      5. Jabin
Facility available in the Kendriya vidyalayas

All the essential facilities for all round development of a student are available in the Kendriya vidyalayas For Example:-

    Games & Sports :- ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ and Game and Sports Promote National Unity, fraternity, endurance, forbearance and tolerance which make a man perfect Keeping in mind these facts the vidyalaya provides ample opportunity to take part in games and spots activities form school level to national level .Kendriya vidyalaya can boast of having produced many sports persons and athletes at the national and international levels.
    • Adventure activities :- The students of  Kendriya vidyalayas get opportunity to take part in various activities like tracking. Parasailing and climbing mountains .These activities provide new dimensions in the development of a student.
    • Scout & Guide :- Kendriya vidyalayas organizes Scouts & Guides training in the of  vidyalaya to inculcate the sense of Social Service personal safety ,following of rules and discipline among the students.
    • Excursion :- Kendriya vidyalaya organizes excursions and educational tours in order  to  provide opportunities for the students to have a glimpse of historical, Geographical and cultural richnen of this great country.
    • Co-curricular activities :- In addition to the scheduled curriculum ,co- curriculum activities are organized throughout the year to develop literary artistic and creative skills in students.
    • Parent : – Teacher Association :- There should be perfect understanding cooperation and interaction between the parents and the teachers which helps in creating a sound teaching learning atmosphere . With this purpose there is provision for creating a parent-teacher association in the vidyalaya.
    • Computer Laboratories :- Everyone knows the importance of computer in the modem age.As such Kendriya vidyalaya provides facility for training in Computer compulsorily for a students.
    • Science Laboratories :- There are well equipped Science laboratories for the students of primary, Secondary and higher Secondary standards for gaining practical knowledge of the various principles in science.
    • Art & Craft education :- In order to develop various hand skills there are facilities for providing art & craft education to the students of Kendriya vidyalayas.

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