“A child should be a pride of the school , honour to his parents and an asset to the country.” keeping this view in mind, we tag common minimum programme  which is committed to the purpose of ensuring overall growth and personality development of the students through the academic excellence and soft skills development. For the same, school is equipped with all ICT infrastructure and facilities like digital photocopier, colour TV, DVD player, LCD projector, broadband internet connectivity and many more. In the promotion of CMP the monthly 25 % fund of VVN is being utilised for primary section.   In this issue we have included the activities organised and programmes taken under common minimum programme.


In the hum-drum of daily school routine students rarely get a chance to get outside and take experience. Excursion as a part of our curriculum we took students of classes I to III to the Birsa Munda Agro Park Gumla on  4/ 12/ 2011 , where students have  observed various  environmental issues, different animals and their habitat, and have a lot of fun at children’s play field. They accompanied by  Mr. Sanjay Adhane and Ms. Edda  K. Surin and Ajay P. Arya.   At the same, the students of class IV to V went on excursion to the Arouse “the tribal research centre Gumla” students gain a lot of information concerning different tribes and their development in Jharkhand. Also, we visited the science centre Gumla, where first time our students enjoyed a 3D movie. They have observed many scientific facts and experimentation ,this made them get firsthand experience and same time they enjoyed themselves all through the trip. The excursion was taken with the spirit of learning and gaining knowledge with enjoyment. It enriches the mental makeup of students.   


The curse of modernization is diverting us from our relationship. The grandparent’s day celebration recalled the emotional bond with grandpas and grannies. Watching them sway keeps us intact with our grandparents. It was celebrated on 18/01/2011.


15 Dec.2011,It was the day when all the students got together , shared their meal and strengthened the bond of unity, keeping aside diversity of caste, creed and colour. a time to squat  together and relish the festivity of  togetherness ; whatever the menu may be.


Our energetic, stout young and brave students of primary classes had a landmark experience, participating in Mini Sports Meet (Cluster level) at K. V. CRPF and KV Namkum on 06-09-2010. They fetched various prizes and have nailed the name of KV Gumla in every sphere of games and sports.


Under common Minimum programme our students had the golden opportunity of the exposure of their cultural talents on 07-09-2010. They participated in all the events held at KV Hinoo. They all returned with treasure of experience and new optimism.




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